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We DO Mind Your Language

In an informal conversation you find out how you and your employees benefit from a language course.

✓ A family business spanning 3 generations

✓ Numerous of satisfied participants

✓ The best trainers for your team

Some of our satisfied customers

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Familie Weissgärber

A company in 3rd generation

We are a family-run training facility in its third generation. Our focus is on tailor-made language courses for companies that train employees in several foreign languages, thereby efficiently improving their language skills.

Your benefits when working with us


Optimize your communication

In individual or group training, tailored for the needs of each company, our trainers enable participants to improve their communication inside and outside the company.

Increase language efficiency

Improved language skills help employees to act with confidence in meetings and business processes. The entire company benefits from this aspect.


Strengthen your competitive advantage

In our globalized economy, multilingualism is a powerful competitive advantage. A language course makes your company adaptable and cosmopolitan, which guarantees long-term success.

Nicole P.

"We work very successfully with the EEW language institute, and EEW's flexibility and reliability have been proven on a regular basis, especially in terms of planning and scheduling.

The language trainers respond fully to the wishes and needs of the course participants, so that the courses are adapted to the individual language levels and learning goals"

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"We have been working with the EEW Language Institute for a long time and offer our employees courses in various languages.

The participants are enthusiastic about the quality of the teaching and the commitment of the teachers. The courses are very well structured and the teachers are not only competent, but also very friendly and helpful.

The institute's organization and communication also works wonderfully."


Dr. Alexander J.

"The training of our employees was perfectly prepared and tailored exactly to the needs and topics of our company. The teachers made the training a win-win for everyone involved with their motivation and enthusiasm. Thank you!"

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Daniela S.

Our Services

Individual Training

Tailor-made individual training not only enables individual progress, but also the development of very specific subject areas that are not relevant for all employees.


Specialists for various areas, such as finance, economics, medicine, environment, etc. are available

Group Training

In small groups led by native speakers, your employees gain security and confidence to quickly improve and use their existing language skills.

For the best possible training efficiency and learning success, the group size is usually 3-8 participants.

Privately funded Lessons

You are interested in private lessons because you prefer language training outside of your company.

This interest is covered by our partner company, the Austro-American Institute of Education, founded in 1926.

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Austro-American Institute of Education

Our partner, the Austro-American Institute of Education, was founded in 1926 as an Austrian cultural institute.

As a non-profit organization, the institute is not only involved in language training, but has also been involved in cultural and educational exchange between Austria and the USA for almost 100 years.

Sprachtraining als Gruppe

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